seguro popular/iMSS
05-23-2020, 09:13 AM,
seguro popular/iMSS
i have had Seguro Popular for years and their treatment of my husband when he was dying was very good. i had never used it until recently. i understand that it either no longer exists or will not for much longer. i decided to find out what is required to change to IMSS and went to Casa de Moneda yesterday. i was directed to several different IMSS offices with none of them claiming to be the correct office. I ended up at one where they were willing to sell me a policy. i would have to pay 12,700 pesos which would be non-refundable (if I was buying a policy why would I want a refund?) i would also have to go to whatever doctors and other places they required and those would also have to be paid for. This was the weirdest of my adventures in Gto. I won't be buying that policy.

You guys have alot of experience here and I'm sure you have recommendations about how to receive medical insurance. Does anyone have IMSS and how did you get it?

Any info will be appreciated.

05-24-2020, 03:49 PM,
RE: seguro popular/iMSS
High Coleen. Do you know Claudia Torres? She's an old friend of mine who
has years of experience in the medical administration of the Guanajuato
health system, She now has opened a health matters consultancy 52 1 473 139 3038 --Doyle
06-16-2020, 08:21 PM,
RE: seguro popular/iMSS
Dear Colleen
I have had IMMS insurance for at least twelve or more years.I have used it in Ajijic, and Puerto Vallarta as well as in Guanajuato. I’ve been to their emergency rooms several times and was hospitalized twice. I got no frills, but excellent care. The amount you pay is for one year and INCLUDES preventive care ( checkups, vaccines, medications, lab work, etc) as well as an assigned general practitioner and specialists as needed. Surgery and rehab are fine. I know people who have had open heart surgery, knee, shoulder, and hip replacements, etc. The price per year depends on your age and increases every year. I started paying only a few hundred dollars per year for full coverage(much less than .my copays in the US.) Now at 90 years old I pay almost One thousand US, but still less than my copays in the US. Expect lines ( except in emergencies) and waits for appointments. It has gotten much easier to get appointments now. Years ago you had to to the facility early in the morning to get an appointment. Now it can be done online or by telephone. The services are much more organized than they were when I first started. Many of IMMS’s doctors are the same as those in private practice here. They work one day a week and get a pension on retirement. Give it a try. Gloria
06-17-2020, 09:56 AM,
RE: seguro popular/iMSS
My experience with IMSS has been similar to Gigi's. In a word, it's been excellent. I've had it for a dozen or so years, and at first I rarely used it. For the past seven years, though, I've used it regularly, seeing my IMSS family doctor once a month and several IMSS specialists each two or three times a year. I was also hospitalized once, for three days. There has never been any extra cost beyond the annual premium.

I don't understand, Colleen, the notion that some doctors "would have to be paid for." I've never heard of IMSS working like that. The only thing that occurs to me in that regard is that for the first two or three years of subscribing to IMSS one's care can be somewhat limited. I don't know the details of that, and I never ran across such limitations, but your case may be different. Also, the care for any medical conditions you may have (also known as "pre-existing conditions," as if there were another kind) could be temporarily subject to some restrictions.
06-17-2020, 02:36 PM,
RE: seguro popular/iMSS
I'm sure that most people have the experience of Gigi and Don. My ridiculous experience can't be usual. I have never heard negative things and was very surprised to be told such crazy stuff. However I have no desire to pursue IMSS as a solution to the problem with Seguro Popular. I might have to, but I'll also check the place that is now where Seguro Popular used to be nearly across from a church. Always interesting to hear the experience of others.

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