What time is it?
04-24-2020, 09:42 AM,
What time is it?
Is this the 1918 Spanish Flu?  Look in your home.  Bathroom: razors, scissors, tweezers, toothpaste, hairdryers, deodorants, perfumes, shampoos.  Kitchen: Gizmos, gizmos, gizmos.  And all the rest of it: at least three TV remotes, your iPhone or Droid and chargers and spare batteries, and the music box and charger, the Smart TV.  Laptop, tablet, iPod, wrist pod, pods for everything.  The car and garage: Too confusing with too much stuff to even comprehend.

And "we" cannot manufacture a ball-point pen sized tester that comes in a twelve pack so I can figure out if you can come to my son's thirtieth birthday party?  Give me a break.  If you want a chicklet, a chocolate, a golf ball, a nail file, a pregnancy test, vitamins and phony supplements, and pain killers, anxiety killers and memory killers....you can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant.....except the very thing you need.

What is preventing this roadblock, quagmire paralysis, from breaking loose?  It is something dark and dangerous.  It certainly is not the American attitude that is at play.  The dam will burst.  Ingenuity and capability will emerge.  We can do this.  We will do this.  But why are we waiting?  Not just failed leadership, but blind selfish interests that have no real concern to solve the problem.  It is someone else's problem for those who live behind the illusion of wealth and power.  Untouchables.  The elite power class of untouchables.

If every man woman and child can be delivered a cellular phone to any far corner of the globe, certainly a test kit can be made and delivered.  This is not rocket science, my friends.  Turn the American spirit loose.  Solve the test problem.  Focus.  

The subconscious of America will not take this deceit for long.  It doesn't take a masters degree in economics or sociology to see that someone is holding back.  The reasons are always the same.  We have been down this path before.  And though the great unwashed America cannot articulate exactly what it is that isn't right with this scene, they know it in their hearts.  Someone is not stepping up with the full promise of America and our ingenuity and capability are being frustrated while we are told a thousand times a day to go inside and be quiet.  It ain't gonna last.

My perpetual gripe: how long are we going to wait until we take the steps that are so obviously needed?  In this case, how many more are going to die?  How many more are going to slip from their fragile emotional state into far right radical reaction?  How many overly educated elites are going to drift into a self-absorbed isolation?  How long do we have to wait?

Will someone please step up to the plate?  Wake up.

James Doran
04-24-2020, 08:41 PM,
RE: What time is it?
Please remember it can be easy during these troubled times to fall into a compromised emotional state that will affect your own health or your well being or in particular, those who love you. We all feel these levels of frustration and there is little we can do other than to keep from harming our own health, hopes and dreams during this difficult time. Let's set aside a moment to count our blessings here in Mexico while having empathy for others who are suffering and do what we can while striving not to compromise our health. Keep the faith and submit your ballot Nov. 3.
04-25-2020, 09:48 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-25-2020, 09:54 AM by DonJuane.)
RE: What time is it?
Here's some additional ideas for getting through this. First of all think of what powers you have to make a change. Back stateside you can only vote and write to your congressmen so if you feel you have a firm handle on things and an idea how to get through this pandemic, then write to your congressmen with your opinions and vote come election day. Otherwise turn off the news media. Their job is to maintain their echo chamber, keep you baited in so their advertisers will pay them. And since you are in Mexico and likely are accessing them through back handed methods, your number is not even counted in their ad revenue so the few pennies they normally make off US viewers is not even going into their pocket. So with your daily actions what is happening is you are becoming a pawn to the news media, hanging on every word and commercial while the agony you get from this fire hose of info turns you into a drug addict of sort, all that is happening is you are likely putting your own health at risk and making yourself more vulnerable by pacing the floor while letting the news media cook you up into a frenzy. And all the time they are not even getting paid for your effort.

So what you can then do after writing to Congress and voting is to cut the cord on your US news sources.

Now once you pull the plug on your daily barrage of doomsday reporting, then become a day trader. Actually I am joking and maybe some will get that joke ... or not. The next thing you can do is to involve yourself with something more productive. As options you could do something you thought you never had time for before because you thought you were too busy. Or maybe you had such a fruitful life, that while there were "secondary" things you wanted to do, you never did them because you were always picking from life's "top shelf". Back then you knew there were metaphorically nice products available on the second shelf and below it but you always skipped them because you'd rather grab metaphorically from life's top shelf. So make this time about the second and lower shelves. So read a book, watch a documentary, fix the vacuum cleaner or clean off the top of your refrigerator.

Or better - think of something you can do to help someone else. Maybe ask the wife or friend if you can borrow their sewing machine, learn to sew and make some masks for the local people who don't seem to want to wear them, and come to think of it, the Gringos who won't wear them either. Or make yourself a shirt, or read a book on gender misconceptions and then start posting on social media your new sewn creations as a field study to accompany your taking on a stereotypical alter-gender role and remapping it and then as a result, study the reactions of others as they discover your work and from that grow to the point of understanding you are now at least a better armchair psychologist than before and actually now you have even more worrying to do than during simply the current pandemic.

Then continue to expand on this theme to understand other aspects of your personality. And once you initially succeed in removing yourself from the trap of our disconnected media machine and once you gain the fortitude of breaking down stereotypes, and from sampling from the infinite possibilities of shelves 2-downward, once you have divorced your peer-assigned gender role and taken up sewing, and once you have denounced your fear of peer pressure and posted your works as a seamstress on social media, then you will be on your way to realizing that during this period, you grown to points you would have never imagined before all this started. You will have arrived to a new plateau knowing you have done all you can by communicating your ideas of a solution back to your government and that you reinvented yourself to the point of getting on track for a happier life.

Once after working through all this, a good philosophy is to make today such a happy and productive one that you don't really count on tomorrow. What then happens is the end of it all will not seem so in vain. When that final moment arrives, as it will ultimately for all of us, we'll know we did the best we could and right up to that very moment.
04-26-2020, 09:37 AM,
RE: What time is it?
Thank you Don for the heartfelt counsel. Maybe we all need a little of this to get through.

However, the point of my rant is to express that, as usual, something is not being done that should be getting done. If nothing else, "we" should not accept and believe all the bullshit that is being spread. No, the best and the brightest are NOT doing the best that they can. There are serious limitations being forced upon the possible solutions, "a test fer chrissakes", and the human species is suffering and will suffer much more because of it.

Follow the money and follow the power. This will not bode well for humanity.

What to do about it??????? That is the problem. But at least do not accept that "your leaders" are doing what needs to be done. Paralysis through analysis and blatant opportunism. Tell the truth.

04-26-2020, 11:58 AM,
RE: What time is it?
Yes today we are quite in peril as half our nation have fallen void of logic and scientific understanding, and have instead joined up with a cult steered solely by the current President. How anyone could muster respect for someone who suggests Clorox, UV lamp or "strong light" (aka "radiation"???), things we all learned about in grade school, and with his touting them as a potential solution to this pandemic - it's easy to see that half of the US has simply joined forces with a cult. And while I understand relatively clearly how Germany fell to their own fanciest, I think in this case we are headed more toward the golden age of Italy's Mussolini. What to do about it, and especially from Mexico, I am very uncertain.

" Mussolini and his followers consolidated their power through a series of laws that transformed the nation into a one-party dictatorship. Within five years, Mussolini had established dictatorial authority by both legal and extraordinary means and aspired to create a totalitarian state." (Wikipedia)

It's just so bizarre, even a child who is just learning to speak can be brought to understand the basic biology lesson that we go to the doctor for a shot and while it stings it will eventually make you well. And we hopefully learn by the age of 3 that it is not Chlorox. This man appears to have never attended a single science class in his entire life. He is not only child-like but like a completely uneducated child.
04-26-2020, 12:30 PM,
RE: What time is it?
The time? Seems to me to be about five minutes past midnight. Our world is beset with forces and challenges that, so far, have proven beyond solution and appear to be growing in threat. I bring zero confidence that the present elected leadership, in most areas of the world, will make any positive difference.
Challenge #1 is the depressing inequalities in economic well-being that are so prevalent around the world. Yes, we respect capitalism and the big benefits it brings to a minority of the worlds population, but when a majority of people have inadequate diet, retched housing if you can stretch the definition, and life spans from the 1800s I sense disruption.
Challenge#2 results directly from #1. The planet is seeing a massive migration of peoples from every part of the globe seeking to better their lives by leaving their ancestral homes to follow the money. This happens daily involving TENS of millions of people and will continue unabated until Challenge #1 is addressed in some fashion.
Challenge #3 is undeniable climate change and mankind's overall abuse of his home. Not surprisingly it feeds Challenge #2. It really is OUR problem to tackle as our prosperous capitalist society is the principal contributor to environmental degradation. Anyone here think the several billion souls in the developing world are willing to miss out on all those wonderful, polluting inventions that we currently enjoy? Not gonna happen, so any changes to better protect the home place must originate with us.
I am doubtful that American Exceptionalism ever really existed, but if it did the current crop of Americans, my generation principally, lost the formula in the 1960s and now overall the country performs somewhere below “adequate”. The Trump explosión is Exhibit 1. The nation employed some morally dubious tactics as it sought to develop, with our economic foundation built on the near extinction of one race, the indigenous, and the enslavement of a second. This long term cancer of white preference and superiority has set us up for failure, as the new world speeds past and we can only wave.
Not sure if this even pertains to your original message but all this quarantine time provokes deep thinking and brings concern for America.
04-27-2020, 09:36 AM,
RE: What time is it?
Gentle persons:

This Covid - 19 fiasco is not an indictment against everything human or everything American. We can go down many rat holes for the expression of a catharsis of our darkness. It feels good to bitch.

Yes, America can do amazing things. I have seen it and participated in it. I know we can not only design and manufacture the "test-kit" but we could distribute it to every man woman and child in America, if not the world, within two or three weeks from today. It could have been done two months ago. Someone, something or the lack of someone or something, is preventing the test-kit from being utilized.

While conspiracy theories are entertaining, the real answer is a complete lack of leadership. Not just the Donald Chump but the Republican "leadership" and even such people as Bill Gates. Too much hesitation. Lack of courage. Fear of repercussions for doing anything. Asleep. Numb. Shocked into a paralysis. That is why I say "wake-up"!

As this drama unfolds I see that the intuitions of what is happening slowly get revealed as the truth. 1) Inequality of care. 2) Economic opportunism. 3) Political manipulation. 4) Incoherent communication. 5) Overt control of the test-kit manufacture/distribution. But I do not yet understand who benefits by this inability to respond in any credible fashion? Who wins?

Everything shall be revealed. Mark my words. We will learn that this entire fiasco started with the militarization of the Covid in a laboratory in Wuhan where an accident occurred. Maybe the cleaning crew spilt the juice on the floor. Maybe an assistant left a vile on the microscope. Human error. Ockham's Razor.... human error is the most likely answer.

It is not naivete to expect that the creative genius and exceptionalism of America will rise to the occasion. It will. But this dark inertia has to be destroyed. If you are an American reading this, vote in November (if the fascists will allow an election) and get your friends out to the streets and to the polls. What we are experiencing IS the direct result of passivity. The human community is calling you to "wake up".

04-30-2020, 04:26 PM,
RE: What time is it?
I think most already woke up - we're here aren't we? :-)

Follow this formula:

- you are in Mexico, you may be already considered a traitor in the new world order so tread lightly and consider what can be done thousands of miles south of your border
- write to your congressmen (sorry but that's all we've got and if you are starting a revolution, you're going to have to head a little further north; else you may go down in history known as "The Great battle of San Luis Potosi")((sung to the tune of Johnny Rodgrguez's "Across the Alley from the Alamo"))
- vote and maybe it's worth "driving home for" since expat votes I imagine most often end up in some trash bin
- keep your sense of humor (if you've still got one, check out Trump Corona Cure
- do not go to the beach now (you will be arrested)

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