Night Terrors
06-27-2020, 09:53 AM,
Night Terrors
Since last December I gave up watching the news. I read some now and then, especially once the Covid situation came upon us. But I stayed away from the TV. Of course being in Guanajuato made it easy.

A few days ago I watched the Colbert Show and saw the footage of The Donald talking about the slip on the ramp and the glass of water story. He was defending himself. I was horrified.

We all have to watch out for becoming accustomed to bizarre behavior. Maybe it is a sort of numbness. Don’t become the frog in warm water.

Consider if you had not seen this buffoon before and turned on the tube and saw his antics and heard his disjointed nonsensical babble. You too would be dumbfounded.

This man is completely unhinged. He has no self respect or restraint. He reminds me of old footage of Adolf; gesticulating and ranting and generally creating trouble.

I encourage you to watch some TED Talks or read Wikipedia and other sources on the topic of “Anti-Social Personality Disorders”, commonly called psychopath. The Donald is a classic example of a psychopath. He hits all of the qualifiers.

The study of psychopaths is not just an interesting subject. The reason we even identify them is because they hurt people. That’s what they do. Not some of them; all of them. This isn’t like depression or bi-polar disorders. Those people are troubled. That’s for sure. The psychopath, on the other hand, hurts others. It is part of their personality.

Every one of The Donald’s closest aides gets eviscerated at some point. All of his allies turn enemies because he attacks them. He actually cannot help himself. That’s the nature of psycopathy.

Watch or don’t watch, it doesn’t matter. This guy will haunt your dreams. He is an embarrassment, a disgrace to the office, a hateful person and a psychopath. We need to get rid of him. If we don’t many more people are going to get hurt.

VOTE. Get everyone else you know to vote. If you have to fly home to vote, do it.

06-27-2020, 10:46 AM,
RE: Night Terrors
All you say is true, especially why this election is so damned critical to America’s democracy and way of life.
We remain registered in Arizona and can request am email ballot from there, so no more reason to travel to count.
But you are correct, this is one time a trip north to vote will be worth the effort. Especially if you vote in one of the 6-8 swing states than can decide the outcome.
Please vote like your life depends on it. It does.

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