Stock trading?
10-03-2019, 07:21 PM,
Stock trading?

If your primary address is in Mexico, Who do you use to trade stock? We need to find a new online self directed stock trading company that doesn’t care that we live in Mexico

10-03-2019, 07:57 PM,
RE: Stock trading?
Fidelity Investments allows me to trade stocks and ETFs, though not mutual funds. They know I live in Mexico.
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RE: Stock trading?
I don't tell people where I live - it's none of their business. And philosophically speaking, where does one really live these days but within themselves, especially when pressed minimally with the contrasts that a permanent traveler must face or largely with one completely inverse culture compared to another as while moving within these two countries. But business wise, I'd use a VPN directed to a US server to conduct business and keep your Mexico address to yourself, leaving your permanent US address with a good friend or relative (hopefully also your good friend or they will be until they open your mail for you a couple of years LOL). Otherwise you are mucking up the works trying to do international trading type stuff while you are split between two countries and if speaking in creative terms, you really aren't making any money to take on such an expense sorting all this out anyway (meaning if you were Costco Mexico there might be some incentive to go through all the red tape to establish business links here but if you are just betting on the horses or market, can't remember which is faster last time I checked, you just may as well virtually remain in the US). Still I'd sell every stock I owned if I were you. The market long ago stopped being tied to even a small fragment of reality and today it's simply the world's largest casino. So unless you are "cocked and loaded" (sic) or whatever the wise blond one calls it, you'd best sell short :-)
10-03-2019, 08:26 PM,
RE: Stock trading?
But in all instances I've found personally, never go to online forums or Facebook to resolve important financial matters, else you'll most often get bad information. Here is a location that might be of interest to you. I've never used them because I'm usually playing almost anything but the market these days. I've left "that life" behind. Viva Mexico!!!
10-04-2019, 10:02 AM,
RE: Stock trading?
13 years full-time life in Mexico with a Fidelity investment account. Account nominally shows daughter’s US address but all trades and transactions done online from Mexico without issues. Move “living money” down to our local Santander account every six months or so, via wire transfer.
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RE: Stock trading?
I have brokerage accounts with TD Ameritrade in the US, and TD Canada Trust/TD Web Broker in Canada. Never had any problems with dealing with Ameritrade; they just mail to my Solutions address in Laredo, TX, and I've used the address of US relatives in the past.
However, I used to have an account with Scotia in Canada. (Please not that I am not talking about Scotiabank in Mexico, which I have had very few problems with. There isn't much of a connection between Scotia in Mexico and Canada, other than the name.) I even owned a significant chunk of Scotia stock. Why am I using past tense? Because when they found out that I live in Mexico, they came to the immediate conclusion that I'm a narco/sicario money launderer. They told me that they were going to close all of my accounts except for the RRIF one in 60 days. GIC's that don't expire for two years? Not their problem.
Fortunately, (and making a somewhat longer story short here) I was able to transfer all the assets to TD Web Broker. And as far as TD Web Broker knows, I live in Kelowna, BC. And as for that Scotia stock, I sold it and used the proceeds to buy the car I'm driving now.

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