Doyle Phillips RIP
07-19-2020, 09:17 PM,
Doyle Phillips RIP
Just learned that he passed away in the morning of July 19.
07-20-2020, 07:31 AM,
RE: Doyle Phillips RIP
Our condolences to his family and friends. I didn’t know him well just the occasional greeting on the street or coffee shop.
We shared a close mutual friend who yesterday passed on a few cherished nuggets about his dear friend.

He knew Bob Dylan in the mid 60s.
He founded the first US periodical devoted exclusively to rock music. Yes, before Rolling Stone or Crawdaddy.
He drew psychedelic posters for Bill Graham concerts in SF’s Fillmore West. Some still may be viewed thru Google.
He was a Summer of Love leader in San Francisco in 1967.
In later life he helped organize and operate our English Language library.
He was active here in Democrat’s Abroad.
He led anti-Trump protests on the steps of Teatro Juarez.
He was our US State Department rep for GTO Capital.
He loved and cared for animals.

He led a full life and we will miss him.
07-20-2020, 12:30 PM,
RE: Doyle Phillips RIP
Some interesting stuff here:
Doyle sent me a copy of one of his San Francisco magazines. Currently trying to find it.
He told me that he was in the room the night that the Jefferson Airplane hired Grace Slick. His version of the event differs from the one told by Jorma Kaukonen, but they aren't mutually exclusive.
07-20-2020, 01:59 PM,
RE: Doyle Phillips RIP
Doyle was quite the interesting fellow. He was of the breed which is quickly disappearing from the ranks of what once was “Fantasy Land” or the pre-Internet “south of the border land of adventure and mystery”. Yes long before the Internet and the cumulative narrowed scope of imagination known as modern day “social media”, where most of us now do nothing other than sit behind the twenty first century’s version of the “boob tube” and each contributes our respective “likes” or occasional nasty remarks to those we disagree with – there was once a time when certain brave and adventurous souls such as Doyle Phillips set out to explore places like we live in today.

Before the Internet there was only the occasional letter or conversation with the rare stranger that offered information and ideas of the opportunity to be had by escaping from somewhere as structured and mundane as the USA or Canada and to somewhere like the generally unknown and mystical Guanajuato Mexico. Back then there were no entrepreneurs with B&Bs or commercial establishments all offering online ticket information, airport pickups and total structured and mostly protected environments here with a door to door hand-holding sessions that allow now anyone to jet down and stay for a weekend or a lifetime. Everyone was pretty much on their own, left to their own wits and only the bravest would strike out on such an endeavor. Such was the style of one Doyle Phillips.

Doyle was an artist and a creator and for a while enjoyed publishing tidbits on this forum but either through lack of understanding or the same waves of attitudes that flow through all social media groups these days, it was not always well received in a positive manner. He later began publishing his frequent newsletters via distributed email of which I was a subscriber. His musings offered insight to many lines of interest such as art, history and all aspects of the imagination that only someone as gifted and unique as Doyle Phillips could touch on. I continued to enjoy his infrequent letters quite a lot.

In short Doyle will be greatly missed. His meek, kind, observant and sharing personality was so unique today and if only considering what all he had accumulated in knowledge and with that never feeling the popular need to toot his own horn. Even in the presence of any minute scorn of that uniqueness he was able to always turn the other cheek if anyone had harsh words, and perhaps holding a trait that I most admired in him, my own failed lifetime goal. Overall he was just a very good person. Now I would have written this yesterday, but my lovely partner and I spent most of the day with the occasional session of tears and remembrances of someone as unique and special as Doyle.

In all of my travels over Mexico and Central America for now nearly two decades, I have to say I’ve met only four or five people who were in the same league as Doyle Phillips. So in the future if any of you have the opportunity to spend a little time with someone as unique as he was, I’d highly recommend getting to know them rather than following the human tendency most have of steering away from those who don’t match a comfortable generic pattern we are familiar with. Doyle was such a unique character and the world has instantly become a much lesser place in his absence. May his spirit sparkle like fireworks in the heavens of goodness that we all dream of one day reaching.
07-20-2020, 06:37 PM,
RE: Doyle Phillips RIP
Doyle, RIP. Guanajuato won't be the same in your absence. You will be missed greatly.

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