microsoft word experience?
08-26-2019, 09:20 PM,
microsoft word experience?
I can't get Header and Page Number (Footer) to repeat on each page of a 30-something-page document.
Maybe it can be done on your computer and your more recent software. I can send you the file by email
if you will kindly try to solve the problem. Thanks.
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RE: microsoft word experience?
What version of Word are you using?

Here's a link to a good tutorial and video for Word 2010:
08-28-2019, 04:10 PM,
RE: microsoft word experience?
To show you how much I hated word processing programs back in my IT career, I used to be able to raw-code in HTML faster than someone could compose something on a word processor. Those were the days but still I never built up any great affection for WP programs, I just tolerate them for the most part. So I can't help you. And I'm also like you Doyle in that if it's a single page, it's easier to do up a presentation in Corel Draw because with it at least when you move something somewhere, it generally stays ;-)
08-28-2019, 10:03 PM,
RE: microsoft word experience?
Quote:I used to be able to raw-code in HTML faster than someone could compose something on a word processor.

Me too.

This reminds of an unfortunate experience I had in the aftermath of the dot com bust. I had the bad fortune to work with one of those people who claimed to be an internet expert, when in reality, the extent of his knowledge was how to switch on his Mac, and create PDF's. He didn't have a web site for his own business.

One one occasion, he said he was going to send me an HTML file. What he actually did was, save a Word document as HTML. You probably know that when someone does this, the file contains a huge amount of crap. It would have been less work for him to send me a plain text file, and I could have added the formatting.

I'm pleased to report that I eventually got even with this clown.

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