if the U.S.-México border is closed?
04-01-2019, 09:09 AM,
if the U.S.-México border is closed?
A google search is mostly about trucking being stopped. Do you have a
source of information about the impact on airline flights out of Mexico?
If I drive to Nuevo Laredo will it be possible to cross the bridge into the
U.S. in my U.S.-plated vehicle?
04-01-2019, 09:30 AM,
RE: if the U.S.-México border is closed?
Way too early to identify any outcomes, rational or not.
My first thought, if he actually closes the international border why would I ever want to return?
04-01-2019, 09:49 AM,
RE: if the U.S.-México border is closed?
The U.S.-Mexico border will not be closed. The Canadians, however, are thinking of closing theirs.*

*(Note to the credulous: That's a joke.)
04-01-2019, 12:04 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-01-2019, 12:09 PM by DonJuane.)
RE: if the U.S.-México border is closed?
Make Mexico Great Again! Build That Wall!!! (from the Mexico side out)

*** Personally can't wait for it to happen. The insanity has to be stopped at some point.

***** Friendly and hopefully beneficial solution - turn off all the US news sources and get back to the real life found in Mexico. It's why we came. Trump continues to poison us all from thousands of miles away. Dismiss him like an abusive relationship ending in divorce. re-form, re-invent and begin to heal anew.
04-01-2019, 09:55 PM,
RE: if the U.S.-México border is closed?
Yes, there's been some April Foolery on this, and Doyle, some flights to MEX were cancelled last week because of the eruptions of Popocatépetl; this is a common occurrence.
Here, however, is a serious article: US will run out of avocados in three weeks if Trump closes Mexico border
My suggestion to everyone here whenever something like this comes up (and it's going to keep coming up as long as President Pussy Grabber is in office, and as long as Faux News thinks there are three Mexicos) is, money talks and bullshit walks.
To give one of thousands of possible examples, the H-E-B grocery store chain is owned by Charles Butt, who lives in San Antonio, TX. When H-E-B's northbound trucks have to sit and wait for couple of days at a border crossing (which definitely happens, but I don't know how frequently), it costs H-E-B a significant amount of money. And those fresh vegetables from Mexico aren't so fresh when they are finally placed on the store shelves. (Plus, avocados rot very quickly.)
So, when there are problems like this, you can be certain that phone calls will be made to Washington. To Sen. Cruz and Jared Kushner, among others.
So all of President Pussy Grabber's talks about the murdering, raping, drug dealing, and other criminal activity being done by our friends and neighbours is abusive and insulting, but he is ultimately mistaken when he thinks he is calling the shots.
04-02-2019, 11:03 AM,
RE: if the U.S.-México border is closed?
Another sensible article on this topic, with some good comments. Trump Advisers Are Frantic Over His Plan To Close The Mexican Border

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