Time for us to look for a better plumber
01-20-2019, 04:26 PM,
Time for us to look for a better plumber
We've an issue with our kitchen sinks. There are two basins side by side, each with a separate feed that goes into the wall. In the process of troubleshooting why we had a persistent intermittent puddle of water on the shelf below the basins, we discovered plastic fittings that depend merely on friction to be watertight. One piece just slides into another, no taper at all. That's one problem which we have our current plumber to thank for, as he was the one that replaced this (over two visits). However, we noticed the same issue when draining the other basin, which has it's own outlet into the wall, and then demonstrated that when emptying that basin, draining water was backflowing out of the outlet for the first, which would indicate a draining problem in the pipes where they join (in the wall, or the ground). We've noticed no backflow happening when draining other basins, but none of those hold as much water as the kitchen sinks. We need to find a more knowledgeable and thorough plumber, but probably also one with a snake. We've ameliorated the problem with some double-sided tape, but this is something that I imagine will only get worse if unaddressed soon. Anybody have a plumber they are in love with (professionally, at least)?
01-21-2019, 09:12 AM,
RE: Time for us to look for a better plumber
OK. If you’re ready to get serious and achieve a solution here it is.
Augustine Hernandez is a highly skilled robot technician working under contract at several area auto assembly plants. He lives in GTO and for xtracash takes on selected electrical and plumbing projects such as yours. He normally works on projects abandoned or unsuccessful for others.
Because of his skill level, work ethic and day jobs he must work at odd times and days, when he has an opening. He charges fairly for his results, but will cost more than less skilled workers, and without question will leave you satisfied. His English is excellent.
Start with an introductory text message to his cell # 4737323682. Feel free to offer Jesse as suggesting his assistance.
We have an 8 years relationship and value Augustine as family.
01-21-2019, 11:21 AM,
RE: Time for us to look for a better plumber
I am a highly experienced plumbing inspector and this does not come with the normal pedigreed certificates from the US that Gringos brag about. Where I gained my experiences is that most of the time I spend in the bathroom, where others are reading the sports pages I instead spend my required time there marveling at the infinite techniques used in Mexico for plumbing. Out of respect I won't call them half-assed but instead I'll simply call them "interesting".

First of all let me speak of the previously mentioned "only a friction coupling" to secure a drain. Thank God you have that type installed1 As a former rental property owner and sole plumber, electrician, AC, carpenter, etc (mantra: "hire no one, least ye pay for every job done twice"), let me say that I'd venture a guess 99% of the homes in the US are drain-plumbed with this friction seal drain pipe style. It's very effective of course until a renter tries to slam a vacuum cleaner or garbage can under the sink and keeps kicking it until the drain pipes move enough for the item to finally go in. Otherwise the use of this friction coupling has to be an extreme rarity in Mexico.

What you find instead is most of the time "one pipe of a slightly smaller to extreme smaller diameter shoved into a larger pipe and anything from plumbers putty to an expensive rock-hard drying (and shrinking no-less) sealant to simple chewing gum" to keep the thing from leaking. You are luckiest in this type of situation when the drain coming from the sink or basin is shoved so far back into the larger pipe that the inferior sealant only seeps a few drops from time to time since the vast force of the water running down depends on gravity to keep it from backing back under your sink. The odors still creep around, but who's paying attention these days.

So I'd say track down that plumber with the friction-seal drain equipment and call him back to see where the minor goof may have happened. It's more likely an accident in which you or a renter shoved something under the sink that shouldn't have gone, a renter who went fishing for his wedding ring or piece of his retainer, tore it apart and didn't put it back together correctly than it is a fault with the plumbing design.

Good luck, regardless.
09-02-2019, 03:42 PM,
RE: Time for us to look for a better plumber
Agustín fixed a minor problem for me today. However, you won't have much luck texting him at 732-3682, because that's a land line. His cell and WhatsApp # is 473-652-9981.
09-02-2019, 06:32 PM,
RE: Time for us to look for a better plumber
There are usually closed cell foam or rubber gaskets that fit over the pipe from the sink drain that you insert into the drain pipe in the wall.

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