Driving unregistered car in Texas and SD vehicle registration
11-11-2011, 04:33 AM,
Driving unregistered car in Texas and SD vehicle registration
The information in this thread has saved my bacon. I wish it had been posted before I wasted so much time and money on Travis County, Texas (Austin) registration. --Doyle

I have driven my US plated car with expired plates in the US on several occasions.

In AZ I stop at the DMV office in Douglas to purchase a 90-day "trip" or temporary plate for $15 USD. In Texas, I stop at the DMV office in Laredo to purchase a 30-day "trip" or temporary plate for $28. I simply explained that I've been in Mexico with my car and need to go to.......wherever.......and need my car to be legal as I drove thru that state and to other states. I didn't have to give them an address in their state. Once I finished my trips within said time frame, I returned to Mexico where I have unexpired US plates.

On my recent trip to Austin (in Sept), the clerk at Laredo's DMV wasn't happy that the computer noted that I was asking for my 3rd trip plate. I explained the reasons for my other trips.....elderly mother in Illinois and a business meeting. She said normally only one trip plate was allowed. I asked to see where that's written, because it's not mentioned on their website and perhaps my situation didn't fit within her norm. She spoke to a supervisor and came back to give me the temporary plate. I wasn't snotty when I explained my situation....that there had to be a way to allow me to legally drive my vehicle to my destination

I have since decided to title and register my car in Washington state. The address I'm using doesn't require an annual inspection and I can get my tabs online.


--- In [email protected], "eli.nadel" <[email protected]> wrote:
> 1. This worked for me 15 years ago, might still be a way to go: I wrote to my state DOT (which didn't allow mail renewals), explained that I was in Mex with expired plates, ("car has been at my home in Mexico for several years?." blah, blah?) and asked for a letter allowing for delay in registration renewal and inspection. I did not mention that I no longer lived at the US address on their records. They sent me what amounted to a safe conduct pass, which allowed me several days to take care of that once I got back to my home state (which I never did)..
> 2. I don't remember what I did about US insurance, that is a must for you to also deal with.
> 3. I know you did not ask about this??. but changing to a Mexican car (which is a requisite once you become inmigrado) will resolve many problems, and make border crossings much simpler).
> Eli
> --- In [email protected], "alan.grishman" <[email protected]> wrote: > How would you go about dealing with the following situation?
> > I have had my Pennsylvania registered car here for several years. The long out-of-date registration and plates were never renewed, and I am no longer a resident of PA, but of SMA with the FM3. How do I cross into Texas and drive to New England with an unregistered and uninspected vehicle? > All suggestions will be gratefully received.
> > Alan

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1b. Re: Registering US Car to Drive Back to US
Posted by: "Ellen" [email protected] esnyder14
Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:15 pm (PST)

The address in SD is:

211 W. MAIN ST. SUITE 201
PHONE: 605-677-7123

It's like 39 dollars a year, at least for my 10 year old car. They need that affidavit too, but they can do send it by email and you sign and send a scanned copy back. You have to send them your title of course.

11-11-2011, 12:21 PM,
RE: Driving unregistered car in Texas and SD vehicle registration
One important note re South Dakota -- you need to give them a US address where they can send your plates and tags. You Do Not tell them about Mexico [they probably know but as a matter of discretion leave the subject out of the conversation] Just tell them your car is currently plated and titled in X state and you would like to switch to SD. They will ask info about the car [VIN, year etc], your [US] address and your birth date. The lady will then advise you how much to pay - which can be done by cc on-line via a 3rd party site or you can send the Registrar a US check. Its all straight forward and the Clay County office is very friendly and nice. Once my sister over-paid for me and we received a hand written note with 3 quarters and 2 pennies taped to it.

You can find everything you need to know on a 3 page Chapala.com post
01-16-2012, 11:19 AM,
South Dakota vehicle registration
Recent story from Sioux Falls newspaper re registrations and who to contact -and it should not be the guy ii Cabo that charges $200! It is just too easy to do it yourself.

License plates pay off for S.D., all the way from Mexico
State embraces status as haven for registrations [FULL STORY]
[Image: bilde?Site=DF&Date=20120108&Category=NEW...rom-Mexico]
Deputy treasurer Diane Johnson helps Jonah Wonnenberg get new tabs for a trailer and sport utility vehicle Friday at the Clay County Courthouse in Vermillion. South Dakota gets a number of registrations from faraway places, including Mexico. / Emily Spartz / Argus Leader

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