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Full Version: Is there any map of bus routes in Guanajuato?
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Creating one (integrated into Google Maps) would be a good project for somebody or a group of people.
While many bemoan the lack of a route map no one has yet got of his/her duff to do a little work and create one even with gtolist offering to underwrite the cost of creating one - see this old thread:

Here's the old thread:

gtolist will still underwrite the cost of a successful mapping of the bus routes as laid out in the terms that can be seen in the old thread.
Someone needs to make an effort. No one since this offer was made in 2015 -4 years ago- has taken up the challenge. Based on my estimate it could take less than a week's "work" just traveling around town and noting which buses go from where to where via whatever route. GPS and other tech solutions would be fine but a 'seat-of-the-pants' ride around town highlighting the landmarks on each route would be more than adequate. Let's stop hoping someone else (like the bus companies or tourismo) will do it and get the job done ourselves.