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Full Version: Sunday Breakfast, June 2019
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June 2...Mexico Lindo y Sabroso

June 9...La Vie en Rose

June 16...Atrio

June 23...Los Santos, Marfil

June 30...Uk-Ul

For further information, please contact me!
What time are the sunday brunches? What do I need to know about them?
We would like to come to the Sunday Brunches. Would someone please post the upcoming dates and places?

Thank you.

James and Miriam
They use to post monthly meetup schedule here but I think it migrated to a Facebook group. Perhaps someone can offer link.
The schedule is posted on the page of the Facebook group "Lovers of Guanajuato," which is a private group, meaning that one has to apply for membership (and will be readily accepted). It's also posted on the Facebook page Guana What, which is open to the public -- provided that one uses Facebook.

Not everyone uses Facebook, of course. I don't know why the schedules are no longer posted here on Gtolist, as they used to be. The breakfast for Sunday, January 19, will be at "México Lindo, Marfil location" and will start at 10:00.