Pickpockets and thieves in GTO
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Pickpockets and thieves in GTO
This is a reminder to be very careful with your valuables. Ophelia seems to have a problem . 1. I learned today that another person had their purse taken from there last week. 2. Last Sunday at the Sunday Brunch at Ophelia restaurant on Truco in the center, my purse, that was hanging on the back if my chair, was removed, my I phone that is attached by a lanyard to the purse for safety was removed, as were my credit cards and drivers license. The purse was replaced on my chair, missing some money. Except for the phone, all else looked intact..,so it was awhile before I spotted the other missing items. I was able to lock my phone after sending out a reward text and tracking it as it traveled to DF with find my phone. However they also made multiple purchases along the way, one purchase alone was for $831 US dollars . I am covered by credit card fraud protection, and my replacement license was renewed online. 3. I am also hearing from more friends of their phones going missing in local restaurants. 4 lastly, two years ago at MEGA / La Comer -
my first I phone was stolen from a dressing room at MEGA in guanajuato and another time my I pad was instantly taken from my shopping cart while I turned to reclaim my bags from the bag check.in MEGA ..in full view of their security. I'm sure there are more stories. Just Be very careful !
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RE: Pickpockets and thieves in GTO
It seems to me that you must be very careless to be victimized so often. I was at that same restaurant on Sunday with my bag hanging on the back of my chair. I was able to feel my bag throughout the meal and never saw anyone close enough to you to be able to take anything. It is very strange that if your purse was taken, that it would be returned at all, much less with only some things taken from it.
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RE: Pickpockets and thieves in GTO
If you have never been robbed, you cannot imagine the violation to your person as well as the actual loss of contact information,photos, money, whatever is now forever gone from simply being in a public place. If you were aware that someone was grabbing for your belongings you would protect them . Of course they are slick and unobserved which is why I am now hearing countless stories now of stolen phones purses and iPads here . My notice is to remind everyone that you can't be too careful. Victims are not all just " very careless" and thieves are good at what they do. I have only been robbed here. But never doubt they are everywhere , anywhere on the planet, waiting for their opportunity . Teams even create opportunity by distracting the target. Please don't lecture me on your good fortune that you were not robbed. Just be extra careful and keep safe everyone.
05-01-2018, 12:12 PM,
RE: Pickpockets and thieves in GTO
sometimes the pickpockets may work in teams. In Mexico City i waited for
the subway "surrounded" by 10 or so other men. As we all surged into
the car at the same time i was jammed in the middle of these guys until
the next subway stop, where they all exited. Too late i saw that the group
of 10 stood together on the platform looking through the contents of my

Your purloined purse may have been taken by more than one thief.

Incidentally i know of two or three people victimized in Guanajuato,
usually in the plazas at a crowded hour of the day. The way it works is
that a very nicely dressed guy spills some kind of food on you (salsa
in my case) and immediately there appears a good samaritan with napkins
to help clean up. The two guys are a team trying to lift your valuables
while you are distracted.
Happened to me but because i immediately guarded my billfold the
the culprits took off running.
05-01-2018, 01:58 PM,
RE: Pickpockets and thieves in GTO
When I lived in Rome, and rode the public transportation, I often witnessed theft that was so slick you realized it after it was too late. Very often the first person stared straight ahead while his hands moved in and out of nearby pockets . The items left the tram with another passenger while the thief looked innocent and very well dressed. , and totally oblivious to any passenger who noticed something missing. Once I grabbed the hand of a thief, standing in front of my seat, the passenger noticed me but not the "innocent appearing" thief, and I'm sure I actually helped the thief by creating a distraction ! My language was not good enough then to explain.
A variation of this is for someone to cry that their wallet is missing. Everyone else checks for theirs so now the thief knows exactly where to pickpocket everyone else.
I saw a couple waiting to exit a subway in Paris , the man beside the girl was going through her purse .....I thought they were together as no one else was nearby and he left when she did. I saw her on the platform realize her purse was open as he disappeared.
In Italy I was surrounded by 3 young children with cardboard signs also in Rome , pushing into me . I knew the routine , shoved one away, grabbed the wrists of two. . Instantly all activity stopped, a man appeared lecturing the kids on being bad and wanted to. Chase them away. I did not let go, rather asked what they had taken. Silently with no apparent motion items taken from my bag started dropping to the ground. I just said what else and more things dropped, not mine. With the man still scolding the kids, ( their lookout I'm sure) I let them take off.
In Chicago getting a train I was blocked going through a door while someone else pushed me forward and opened my backpack. I saved money, tickets and travel docs that time because I had heard of this ploy.
The spilled goop on your clothes while a helpful person cleans you up has happened to two older men I know here. I have found travel tips about theft scams on line and know many of them, but they are very good.
Again, just be very very careful as we become more of a tourist Mecca and are outside more in the good weather. I have escaped often but not every time.
05-18-2018, 02:02 PM,
RE: Pickpockets and thieves in GTO
When I go into the plaza I keep a"bubble" around myself! When people get to close, I "push" them away! Some will walk towards you and try to bump and distract you. I keep my wallet and phone in my front pocket. I only carry what I need in the form of cash, debit and credit cards. Guanajuato is nice, however you must remember that there are thieves in all tourist sites. Carolyn, I don't know where you are from originally, but were you this careless then?

I was sitting in the Jardin Union this morning with my phone next to me and this guy suddenly sits next to me, I put my phone in my front pocket (while being certain that he saw me do it) and he got up just as quick as he appeared! There are groups of teenagers that cruise the Jardin Union, they just keep walking in circles. I make it a point to let them know that I'm keeping my eye on them.

Guanajuato may seem like paradise, but don't be lulled into a false sense of security!
05-20-2018, 10:54 PM,
RE: Pickpockets and thieves in GTO
I am a careful guy seldom having a problem 2 years i was jostled by a preteen while his "partner" reached for my back jean pocket while at the Leon leather market. I gave him a sharp wack on his rear with my walking stick. His pard took off running while the other gave me a dirty look rubbing his rear,
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RE: Pickpockets and thieves in GTO
Here's my observation about expats contributions on Mexico in social media. Perhaps outside of seeing what they call "fan-boys" defending the iPhone or Apple products against any criticism online, Mexico has to be the world's second worst at this "product loyalty" issue, whereby if you bring up any point to criticize Mexico, such as like here with warnings about pickpockets - it always meets with a response that there's something wrong with you personally, how you are foolish or how you have made an obvious mistake, and on top of that you are criticized for bringing up a precautionary point in an attempt to help others.

In reality the internet-wide social media "fan-boys" of Mexico and their combing the social media forums to demean people who have suffered some mishap in this country are doing as much of a disservice as the people who are picking pockets. By constantly saying that issues encountered are the victim's fault, this will cause people not to report issues and therefore this leaves us all more exposed. (I speak not only of here but more-so to other offerings such as those found on Facebook where any person bringing up a limitation or issue with Mexico is pounced upon like a pack of wolves on a fresh kill.)

Product loyalty in terms of Mexico is great for individual's own self esteem but please don't try to force the "aura" of it over people's actual experiences. Mexico is great, otherwise all of us wouldn't be living here, but not everything that happens to someone is their own fault. Thanks.

***** I haven't had my pocket picked but it's not for it not having been tried, and that's on the MX City subway and on a recent standing room only and very tight GTO bus I've felt hands around my pockets. The problem is that I haven't bought jeans in years and the ones I wear are so tight that I have to unbuckle my belt to get my own wallet out. That won't deter someone with a sharp knife or razor, so I say always have your guard up and thank those who have broken my own illusion that petty theft doesn't occur here. I appreciate the alert. Having lost two expensive cameras here in GTO, one to workers hired to repair things around the house and another taken by one of two furniture delivery guys, I feel your pain. When there's two or more on the job, which one do you accuse? Now this was my fault and while it's clearly my fault, it's difficult to walk through and secure every item in your house every time you have someone come in to do a job or small repair, especially when you are not planning on a delivery and it happens. For piece of mind I often do my own repairs and as much of my own work these days as I can, just so I don't have to worry about walking through the entire house to determine what is of value and trying to figure out where to hide it.

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