A shout out to El Padrino Bill founder of GTOlist for his role in a unique indie film
02-13-2018, 03:55 PM,
A shout out to El Padrino Bill founder of GTOlist for his role in a unique indie film
Hola Amigos, wanted to quickly share a little news about my Padrino Bill, who you will recognize in the recently released indie film The Ultimate Rally, a unique documentary style adventure film about the real truth about racing and putting everything on the line to make things happen. In search for the Ultimate Rally Adventure, a group of multi-cultural minority racers decide to organize the first true international outlaw race in the Americas racing through the most treacherous tarmac and off road terrain. They experience numerous epic adventures and a twist develops that makes them head back to Norway. Filmed in Norway, USA, Mexico and Belize. (Many scenes in filmed in secret spectacular places around Cuevano now known as Guanajuato)

Bill Byrnes alias EL PADRINO to many of the old school of Cuevano, does an excellent job playing himself in this creation. Bill is also the founder of this forum GTOLIST and helped out Guanajuato in many ways before moving over seas.

Unlike other Hollywood movies where the actors have to train to drive or use stunt doubles, and memorize their lines. This film uses no actors or computer graphic imaging, instead you will see real multi cultural folks doing what they do best and expressing themselves from the heart to make things happen.

Bill appears in this press release on the Chopper Magazine back in 2015 while filming scenes in Guanajuato, he stands next to Steve Deacon another great old school friend. Musician Dan Norman also appears in the movie.
[Image: pressreleasefortheuniqueultimaterallycar...lponce.jpg]

[Image: guajauatofilmfestivalpressreleasefortheu...dponce.jpg]

Gaz Shocks Motorsports News of UK
[Image: bestindiefilminuk2018theultimaterallymov...60h847.jpg]


Padrino Bill, I hear the film got an invite to several film festivals including some in Asia, so get ready! Gracias por tu apoyo y nos vemos pronto.

El Bongo
Travel in style...and discover the real Mayan Riviera and see why it is Paradise
02-13-2018, 04:46 PM,
RE: A shout out to El Padrino Bill of GTOlist for his role in a unique indie film
Very impressive, Ponce. Well done.
02-13-2018, 04:49 PM,
RE: A shout out to El Padrino Bill founder of GTOlist for his role in a unique indie film
What a wonderful and fully deserved recognition of a really fine man.
Bill Byrnes, thru his apartment compound, provided our introduction to Guanajuato and he served as primo pizza preparer, landlord, bartender, mentor and most importantly, my friend. We followed him here, cried unashamedly with him as he departed, and still daily admire his home-to-many, and the grace and gift he gave Susan and me.
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RE: A shout out to El Padrino Bill founder of GTOlist for his role in a unique indie film
Original post removed by author as reaction to what initially appeared to be a spam post. However the issue after considerable thought is not worth debating. Cheers and the best of luck.
02-13-2018, 08:49 PM,
RE: A shout out to El Padrino Bill founder of GTOlist for his role in a unique indie film
Bill was always a good friend to me in spite of a very stupid post I did several years ago. Enjoyed staying at his complex my first extended trip to GTO & hooking me up with my new landlady across the Calle from his former home.
02-13-2018, 10:31 PM,
RE: A shout out to El Padrino Bill
I just watched it. Some comments:

1. Sr. Byrnes' performance was very reminiscent of Marlon Brando. (One of the few impressions I do is of Brando saying, "Vi skal gi ham et tilbud han kan ikke si nei til.")

2. I don't recall ever seeing a film that was in three languages, and I could understand all three of them.

3. I visited Grimstad ca. 1988.

4. Those 1960's-vintage Volvos were cool.

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