Buses to CentroMax (Leon)
02-06-2018, 04:18 PM,
Buses to CentroMax (Leon)
I would like to take a bus from Guanajuato to CentroMax (Home Depot, etc) in Leon. I understand that Metropolitano buses stop at CentroMax. Is Flecha Amarilla another option? Can I catch a Metropolitan and/or Flecha Amarilla bus at Dos Rios or do I need to go to the Central de Autobuses?

Also, do all the buses stop in Silao or are there “express” type buses that might be a little faster?

Lots of questions. Thanks in advance for your help!
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RE: Buses to CentroMax (Leon)
You will need to get to the main city bus station to catch the Metropolitano because it heads straight from there toward Leon. There are olive green directo Metropolitano buses that leave interspersed with the green Metropolitanos that don't have the word "Directo" on them which stop in Silao . These Metropolitanos are all green and they are located to the right as you walk through the hallway to where the buses park. You can buy a ticket at either the Primera Plus counter or the little ticket booth that is in front of them. I usually pick the one with the shortest line.

To get to the bus station you can take the two toned light beige and dark beige city bus which is identified by what I call a chimney top, lantern top style roof - looks different than all the other buses. This bus goes above ground coming out of the tunnel around Escuela Normal, then by the sports stadium and to the Embajadores area, in front of the Tunnel Noreste entrance (but not in it) and on toward Teatro Principal where it stops to pick up passengers and then this bus stops at all the stops down the main drag through town. The final "above" ground stop in the city center is near the La Comercial by Mercado Hidalgo where it parks about 10 minutes and then heads down I believe through the tunnel there by the very large bus waiting area to take the highway 110 where it also stops (among other places) at the small shopping center housing the Carl's Jr., Office Max, Bodega Aurea and from there more stops, near Real de Minas and each bus stop until it gets to the main bus station.

Once on the Metropolitano, watch when the most people start lining up to get off. Try to get a seat on the right so you can see. When you see the Sam's Club sign, and a Sirloin Stockade next to it start making your way to the door and get off at that stop next to the steak house. Walk toward Leon about a quarter block and cross at the red light and to the left will be the Costco, Home Depot and other stores you are looking for. There is a good hamburger place with actual US style hamburgers there called Rubens, a higher end seafood place called Los Archos, a Chilis (US), and next to the Rubens which is next to the big Los Archos is also a sushi and a Korean restaurant. I've only tried Rubens and Los Archos and I personally love them both.

Now to catch the Metropolitano back, you have to walk of course on the same side of the street you are now on, opposite where you got off. But the stop is a good stroll on down the sidewalk , toward GTO past the Comercial Mexicana, past the City Express hotel and there will be a dark orange building and this is where you will catch the bus: https://goo.gl/maps/U9vQnGnXLqF2

There will normally be a lot of people standing around and a man with an apron and he has a ticket book he uses to sell you a ticket. You pay him for your return ticket. This is a walk mind you that could be considered a bit tedious if you have a big bundle of groceries or supplies. If you need to put them under the bus, be sure to notify the agent and remind him again when the bus is pulling up. You may have to ask even again to get them to open the side door. After about 3PM there is standing room only by the time you get to this bus and if you can't stand for long periods, keep this in mind you may have to do it. Otherwise if there are a lot of empty seats, try to sit just in front or behind the doors that open so that no one accidentally makes it home with your supplies other than you. Never had a problem but err on the side of caution.

Sorry I don't have time to look up all the names I have misspelled. If you find something that I have stated is not clear, ask and I will try to get the correct spelling. Sorry about that :-)

Note that you can often negotiate a cab to a reasonable, yet not cheap amount if you are bringing home dining room furniture or a large appliance and don't want to walk to the bus stop, which again is not "close" but still walkable (point where you catch the bus home). Also note I once "borrowed" a buggy to push to the bus stop where I guarded the payload and my friend took the buggy back but an attendant started yelling at me from the Comercial Mexicana that you pass on the way to the bus stop. I kept trucking with the buggy because I knew I was returning it. You might not be so lucky and could possibly get in an altercation so be your own judge on what you want to do. Not the easiest thing to tote a big load to the stop.

**Note Costco sometimes has the big thick waxy cardboard boxes with the two handles cut in the ends that makes a good carrying case if you are up to the challenge of toting that far. And it probably wouldn't be totally out of the question just to ask a cab to take you around the corner to the stop. Cheaper than riding the cab the entire way home.

To continue on to the HEB, follow my other post with the lyrics "it's fun to shop at the HEB".
02-07-2018, 12:24 AM,
RE: Buses to CentroMax (Leon)
I solved the problem of taking a Costco buggy to the bus stop by asking the parking lot attendant to follow me to the bus stop, and tipping him 15 pesos.
02-07-2018, 09:19 AM,
RE: Buses to CentroMax (Leon)
Wow, DonJuane. Thanks so much for the detailed reply — it was much more than I could’ve hoped for!

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