Sending Mail to USA
09-30-2017, 11:28 PM,
Sending Mail to USA
What is the typical time frame for mail being received in the USA?

I sent postcards to friends and family around 3 weeks ago, and nobody has received them yet (the post office told me it would take 10 days)

Is this normal for mail to take this long to arrive (assuming it will arrive eventually?)

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10-01-2017, 04:37 PM,
RE: Sending Mail to USA
Our ten years of experience shows most first class pieces take 3-4 weeks for delivery in any direction, to US, from US and internal Mexico. Despite the delay we see most pieces do arrive.
Interesting to note that CFE and Telmex use private services for their bill deliveries not the Correo.
10-01-2017, 05:54 PM,
RE: Sending Mail to USA
I sent an important letter to the U.S. through the Mexican Post office. I sent it "registered" so it could be tracked, and it cost $110 pesos. I was told it will take 20-30 days to get there.
The same letter would have cost $650 pesos (with an INAPAM discount) at DHL to arrive in 3-4 days. I chose not to use DHL because there wasn't a deadline for the letter to be received
I think CFE and SIMPAG deliver by hand because it's cheaper for them because they already have employees who are paid to walk around and read the meters.
I get my TELMEX and BANAMEX statements online now. Those statements can be 5-6 pages long; getting them online saves a lot of paper waste.
10-06-2017, 10:50 AM,
RE: Sending Mail to USA
Nothing is easy when sending mail from MX or receiving mail in MX from anywhere. I needed to send an important form to the US so I paid extra and asked for a signed receipt from the person in the US who would receive it. I didn't save the envelope when it returned, but it had stamps from all over Mexico and the postman, when he arrived at my home, asked me to sign the receipt. Don't know what happened to the receipt. Maybe they sent it to the US. It's just horrible. Once I saw a Correo guy with what looked like a leather mail bag that the postmen used in the US. It was on the back of his motorcycle and envelopes were flying out of it streaming down Pocitos. Once I sent a postcard from Cuba to Wisconsin. I bought the most outrageous one...Fidel playing baseball. It arrived with no problem in just a little longer than it would have taken to mail it from Florida.

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