Can we talk about Guanajuato?
02-01-2018, 12:34 PM,
RE: Can we talk about Guanajuato?
More thoughts .....

"the last move I will make in my life" ..... one usually saves that for hospitals and morgues so be careful for what you say here :-

ref: What I am trying to do .... I am trying to educate. Sure when you roll into Guanajuato, the image of a French or Italian village comes to mind, cue accordion or deep throat-ed sax on the street corner (there goes my reference to music again) and any idiot much less a romantic like you or I can see that. But what about when the music stops?

Here's a great reference for anyone and an interesting iteration of another family whose last move and utopia was San Miguel de Allende. Before you get too excited, remember this post is about San Miguel de Allende and they don't live there any more:
The author's work here describing the place even ended up in the Wall Street journal and other publications. Today her family is near Mazitlan or somewhere north, and this was the third move for their family so I wrote to her and asked directly what happened to the utopia she described. She said that it was private circumstances which is a nice way of saying none of my business.

Anyway I befriended this family after publicly defending them from the scathing reviews they received in major publications as a backlash of her article and husband stating he was able to retire early with pension as a firefighter. The public who cloaks behind an internet mask can be a scathing, nasty and cutting bunch and they attacked Mr. O'Grady for everything from wasting their taxpayers money to his being on his "high horse" by drawing a pension and retiring prior to 65, lashing out with the venom of a viper and the spinelessness of a jelly fish. I fiercely defended his service to the city where he retired early and defended his character, so that is how we became acquainted. But all that is of really no merit to Guanajuato proper, other than dispelling that a place can be a permanent home, till death do you part.

The key still remains that everything that glitters is not gold. I have the extremely grand blessing of living in a home that faces the open valley with 3 stories and picture windows on each floor. Am I in paradise? Somewhat. Each change of seasons results in some new neighbor building an extension to their home blocking the view. Month by month the view narrows as the neighborhood continues to expand, not out but upward. They claim as a world heritage site the city is not easy to see change, yet, up and up and up everyone goes. The blocking of the view would not be so bad but the grinding music that belts out of the windows in the house adjacent to mine can be nerve ending. And that doesn't even address the pit bull on the 2' chain I see and hear below the window. On and on the music goes from 8AM to 10PM and midnight and later on the weekends. With all the windows closed, sometimes I can get a full night's rest. I once complained and it was silent for 24 hours but then I found that the bloody screams I heard from my next door neighbor's home (in the absence of music) were not domestic violence but the screams of an autistic child, who screams uncontrollably unless the music plays 24 hours a day. Dare I now complain in a hell that these parents must live in? Probably not. How long will they live here? Likely forever.

Then there is the neighborhood boy who I trusted almost as my own son, who I have paid to do numerous chores for me. Last Nov, I hired him to help me get some furniture up the stairs and on his trip from the second floor to the kitchen, in about 45 seconds he managed to stuff my $800US camera in his pocket, open a drawer and remove 3,000 pesos from my wallet. Now while people I tried to gain sympathy from who knew me said to my face no less that I probably laid the camera down and the boy didn't get it, but I know he did. Luckily a fluent Spanish speaking woman, a very dear friend, who knew his parents went to talk to him and about 10 hours later, she came walking in my door with the camera. I told her to keep the cash.

And there's the butcher I've been using for years. My friend recently paid for an order and I was looking the other way and didn't see her pay, I paid and he took the money as if she hadn't. During the construction of the house, I lost another camera, this time to the group of workers.

If you want to believe where you want to move is a utopia, just keep on believing it. Here is what the San Miguel US Consulate says about the place, which from my experience is spot on.

And I could go on and on. Over in San Miguel my friends from LA who get the bag of human defecation tied to their bumper, the woman with the bandaged eye from the brick, or here in GTO Chef "B" who had his entire house ransacked that is on a well traveled corner, the people who have been mugged on the streets of GTO and the local hotel owner who laid a pickaxe through an intruder's head who jumped him in bed in the middle of the night. The more gringos and the more money in town, the more degenerates feel empowered to make it their own.

So why do I continue to live here? Simple. It's as good as any other Mexican city, at least today it is mostly Mexicans and it's not the USA. Still I'd say if it continues to be gentrfied it will be time to move on.
02-01-2018, 03:42 PM,
RE: Can we talk about Guanajuato?
Mr. Bill,
Does Don Juane contribute to the upkeep of this great board resource?
He should. He fills it with rambling crap and antiquated song lyrics.
When one goes so far, far astray from the original post can you not close this out and end your supporter’s misery.
02-01-2018, 04:31 PM,
RE: Can we talk about Guanajuato?
I second the eminently reasonable petition of jesm to our noble Admin.

In addition, I submit this request to Mr. DonJuane: Whereas I occasionally find that a Gtolist post provides useful information, and whereas your own meandering, quasi-biographical, all-but-interminable posts rarely do so, I humbly ask the following: In the event that any of your future posts actually do include information that other guanajuatenses might find to be of help as they navigate their daily lives here, would you be so kind as to briefly indicate in the subject line of your post that such useful information is indeed to be found in the body of the ensuing message? And, further, would you then state in the first paragraph of your post, again briefly, a summary of that information, so that those of us who are aware that life is short may skip the following ten paragraphs? I thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance between the long-windedness of the present post and the verbosity of those of Mr. DonJuane is purely intentional.

Hasta la madre.

02-01-2018, 06:21 PM,
RE: Can we talk about Guanajuato?
And thus another reason for carefully considering living here ..... :-)

If anyone doesn't enjoy my comments, simply skip over them. If you need help in understanding how to do that, I'll gladly misdirect you.
02-01-2018, 06:42 PM,
RE: Can we talk about Guanajuato?
Anyway I get that no one who lives here wants anything negative said about the place. You've all invested plenty here and I realize that. The original poster asked if we can talk about Guanajuato and that's what I am talking about. The net of it is, that you don't like the talk, so we agree to disagree.

The group of "bullies" here all chastised poor Doyle Phillips who only tried to help out here, called him a plagiarist because he tried to share news relevant to Mexico and that is now what you are doing to me. Only I don't accept bullying. The crux of how you who have insulted me and other people you don't agree with is evidenced most clearly from the fellow that spoke about not liking Guanajuato recently because of dog excrement and store closings.

I observed that not one of you tried to understand this person, or offer condolences, perhaps telling him that some of these problems were inherent to Mexico and that he should give it a second try. Instead you said horrible things to him, calling him every name in the book and telling him to hit the road and never come back.

Each of you who participated in that effort as you are attempting to do me, should be grandly ashamed of yourselves. Not one word of anything I have said has been untrue and I have never called out anyone with the attacks you have provided toward me. So if anyone needs to go, I'd say it's the ones who call people "pricks" and who call out others and myself who are trying to paint a clearer picture of what the offerings are here. All this should be clear when you can only attack the person, because the truth is hard to argue with.
02-01-2018, 07:01 PM,
RE: Can we talk about Guanajuato?
P.S. If I am taking up too much disk space, I'll be happy to make a contribution. I have answered many questions here, drawn out usage guides of the Leon bus routes, provided information on cell networks and performance statistics, supplied information and photos on new super markets, etc. etc. So I think this has to do with something other than if anyone is being helpful or not. I rest my case.
02-01-2018, 07:07 PM,
RE: Can we talk about Guanajuato?
"I'll be happy to make a contribution. " Thanks Don - we'll be in touch as Member Support Month [for gtolist's 8th year] is coming up soon.

02-01-2018, 07:53 PM,
RE: Can we talk about Guanajuato?
OK, my friend "we're on"!

I may also ask some help from here when I strike out again to clean up the triangle around Tunnel Noreste where last fall I single handedly bagged 20 contractor bags of rotting garbage, hypo needles and broken glass and put them in the dumpster.

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