Warning -- Don't use ATM at CI Banco (Plaza de la Paz), lost 10.000 pesos
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Warning -- Don't use ATM at CI Banco (Plaza de la Paz), lost 10.000 pesos
I have to issue a warning not to use the Guanajuato CI Banco ATM at Plaza de la Paz. They took 10.000 pesos from my bank account but the ATM machine never gave me any cash. I waited 15 minutes at the machine and still no money came. Same thing happened twice for my friend at the same ATM, so at least 3 occasions this has been reported. I filed a Visa claim and they contacted the bank that falsely reported back that I received the money so I got no refund and no apology. Current status: 10.000 pesos lost. Not Visa's fault but CI Banco's.

Next steps: Continue to pursue with the bank manager in person, then the police. I have all the evidence needed incl. video of the event.
04-01-2017, 08:05 AM,
RE: Warning -- Don't use ATM at CI Banco (Plaza de la Paz), lost 10.000 pesos
I had a similar experience with BanNorte in Centro, tried my card and after entering all my info a message came up with unauthorized use of card. So tried my husbands card at a different machine same bank, same message. Next morning I discovered two withdrawals each for 971.18. I contacted my bank in Canada who opened an investigation and 8 days later the money was returned to our account.
Sorry your result was not the same.
04-01-2017, 10:54 AM,
RE: Warning -- Don't use ATM at CI Banco (Plaza de la Paz), lost 10.000 pesos
I've also had two experiences like this, trying to withdraw cash from Santander with a Bank of America card at the teller machine closest to Teatro Juarez. Contacted BOA and they refunded my $ as well, but I don't that machine anymore.
04-02-2017, 12:12 PM,
RE: Warning -- Don't use ATM at CI Banco (Plaza de la Paz), lost 10.000 pesos
I use the CIBAnk machine almost exclusively and also have accounts there. The people are very friendly to us if you don't get a positive response maybe we can talk to them for you.
04-08-2017, 09:23 AM,
RE: Warning -- Don't use ATM at CI Banco (Plaza de la Paz), lost 10.000 pesos
When you lose money in an ATM ...... call your bank immediately. The Mexican bank can and will do nothing.

Your bank will check actual transactions and amounts transferred
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04-10-2017, 06:05 PM,
RE: Warning -- Don't use ATM at CI Banco (Plaza de la Paz), lost 10.000 pesos
I've used the CiBanco ATM for many a moon, problem-free.

But this a.m. there was a glitch and the ATM charged for two
withdrawals on my bank checking debit card.

Phoned my bank in the U.S. to dispute one of the charges and am told that
during the next two days the duplicate withdrawal will be removed and the
balance in my account will be corrected.
04-10-2017, 09:19 PM,
RE: Warning -- Don't use ATM at CI Banco (Plaza de la Paz), lost 10.000 pesos
I used to the CI Banco machine today, and two more times during the past week, with no problems whatsoever.

sparksmex is correct; when you have a problem, you have to go to the bank that the money was being withdrawn from.

I had this sort of problem twice. The last time, fortunately, was around three years ago. In one case, the machine was the HSBC one in what is now La Comer at the Pozuelos Mall. In the other case, it was the Scotiabank machine near the Mercado Hidalgo. In both cases, it was Scotiabank Canada that the money was being withdrawn from.

When I contacted Scotiabank Canada, I gave them all the info I had, including the info on the printed receipt. (The Scotiabank machine near the Mercado Hidalgo no longer dispenses printed receipts.) Truth is, the person on the phone didn't seem all that interested. In both cases, she said that they would do an investigation, which would take up to 30 days.

The end result was the same in both cases; the withdrawal was reversed after exactly 30 days. I strongly suspect that the "investigation" I was told about was fiction. Any sort of actual investigation would have cost the bank more than it cost to simply reverse the withdrawal, but they still feel a need to retain the pretense of an investigation.
05-17-2017, 11:37 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-17-2017, 11:40 AM by Clemens.)
RE: Warning -- Don't use ATM at CI Banco (Plaza de la Paz), lost 10.000 pesos
UPDATE: 4 months have passed. 10.000 pesos is still not paid back. AVOID CI BANCO AT ALL COST.

CI Banco gave incorrect answer to VISA's investigation so that no reimbursement could be made to me. (confirmed by local GTO CI Banco office manager David Hernández Lozano). VISA has closed the case. Imagine! CI Baco has confirmed they closed the case because their inability to reply what happened to Visa. Now they ask me to open another case. Proper complaint procedure has been taken contacting issuing bank complaint form, then VISA. Spoke at length with my foreign bank, they are surprised of the unprofessional handling from CI Banco of this. Just an example how amateurish they are: they wrote ME, a client, an email and asked for the phone number to Visa!!
06-07-2017, 09:14 AM,
RE: Warning -- Don't use ATM at CI Banco (Plaza de la Paz), lost 10.000 pesos
Dealing with this right now actually.
Our staff at the restaurant are paid in cash every Friday and when I attempted to withdrawal cash for our payroll the Santander machine in Pozuelos upstairs neglected to give me my money. I was withdrawing from my Banorte account and ended up spending over an hour downstairs in the branch trying to have it resolved. They launched one of their famous "investigations" and told me two weeks to have it taken care of. I am about a week and a half in and still nothing. Customer service at the banks here is laughable. Nobody at either the Santander or Banorte branch could do anything. In Banorte he basically dialed the 1-800 number for me and I sat on the phone and waited. Painful.

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