Goodbye, Guanajuato ... goodbye.
02-21-2017, 04:26 PM,
RE: Goodbye, Guanajuato ... goodbye.
This Jackass is off to South American, wow, he/she is in for even more disappointment.
03-08-2017, 01:09 PM,
RE: Goodbye, Guanajuato ... goodbye.
Hahahaha!! Best trolling I´ve seen in a long time. You are precisely the type of person we left Ajijic to get away from, avoid like the plague in SMA, and are happy to replace in GTO. Having grown up in a very touristy city (Las Vegas, NV), I understand the aversion, but it is so easy to simply walk 10 minutes to a quiet, serene, spot in this beautiful city and get away from it all. I have been learning Spanish for probably the last three years (en serio), and can make myself understood, with the occasional laughs when I use the wrong word. Being thin-skinned is not a good character reference, so I enjoy my mistakes, the misunderstandings, use "perdon" and "lo siento" liberally, and just enjoy the experience of being in such a beautiful, multi-cultural, historic city. Me encanta Guanajuato y la gente de México.
Deb Lander
Quote:Es lo que hay...
07-23-2017, 09:36 AM,
RE: Goodbye, Guanajuato ... goodbye.
If you were by any chance renting a ground level house or apartment in Centro and it is now available, , I CANT WAIT TO MOVE TO GTO FROM AJIJIC. Please let me take it off your hands. Thanks, Gigi Harrison
08-20-2017, 12:28 PM,
RE: Goodbye, Guanajuato ... goodbye.
This is the funniest post I have ever read in an expat forum.

I have been away for a few months and I do have to give it to him, there seems more than the normal amount of dog poop, especially on Perros Muertos (wishful thinking LOL). He left out that you have to remove your shoes when home or your house will soon take on that special aroma LOL. There's piles and there's platters and after the rain, there's powder ;-). Maybe this is what started the tradition of shoe removal years ago in Japan?

Still as long as the good outweighs the bad - why not hang around?

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