Noise in México
01-01-2016, 12:05 PM,
Noise in México
For those of you wondering if there is any regulation for noise in México, here is a link to a recent article in Mexico News:
01-01-2016, 02:39 PM,
RE: Noise in México
How do others feel about the noise?

I have lived in el centro only two months, but I have grown very fond of the cacophony. I have found that good windows and heavy curtains make a big difference during the nights when I am having trouble sleeping, but I throw the windows open and revel in the noise for the most part. My favorites are the traveling singing groups and the crowds that surround them. I also like that the men working on the house next door play music and sing all day. Then there are the roosters, dogs, motorcycles, honking horns, loud and animated conversations, the men selling water and gas and the explosions.

I may tire of it as time goes on, and then I will think about moving elsewhere. But for now, I think it is one of the things that makes Guanajuato Guanajuato.
01-02-2016, 11:40 AM,
RE: Noise in México
I, too, live in the Centro, just 3 blocks as the pigeon flies from the Basilica and Plaza de la Paz. I have learned to embrace the noise; it is now part of my being! Haven't tired of it in 7 years.
01-02-2016, 12:10 PM,
RE: Noise in México
Stayed twice in the Presa Area (Block from the Gov's Mansion) where mostly the noise is/was AM traffic & car alarms.
Moving this season to a more central location so we shall see (or hear) what we shall see.
01-02-2016, 02:53 PM,
RE: Noise in México
I've been here one month and yes, it is a noisy place. The bell from the Templo de la Compania is practically in front of me so when it starts at 7:30 or so in the am it's really loud. Most of it I've accepted but the noise from a large dog barking on a rooftop very close to me is most annoying. Sometimes he goes on for 20+ minutes. I marvel that the owners don't seem to be bothered by it themselves and take him inside after a while.
01-02-2016, 11:57 PM,
RE: Noise in México
They decided to take this seriously in a Nuevo León town:
Since moving from close to the centre to Municipio Libre (close to the Pozuelos Mall), I no longer hear all the church bells and all the downtown concerts and parades. What I get instead are barking dogs. Sometimes at 6:30 AM, and at least once at 4 AM. And I still get a drum and bugle corps on Monday mornings.

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