BeWary: another phone scam
08-20-2015, 11:06 AM,
BeWary: another phone scam
Recently i told you about phone scams that happened to two different friends in SMA and GTO.
Both were male, retirees and received the calls by cell phones. In both cases the caller claimed
to be a kinsman.

Another scam occurred yesterday to another person, "Bob", of the same description as above except
that the call came to his landline, TelMex.

The caller claimed to be a relative and that he would be visiting GTO today. Could Bob meet him
at the airport? Bob--fully aware of the Scammer--said yes and that he would come to the airport
in a particular sports car (known to be expensive). Scammer then asks if Bob needs anything
from the U.S. and if so then the Scammer would need money wired to him in order to make the
purchases. Of course, Bob said he needed nothing from the U.S., thank you very much.

Bob, being internet-savy, promptly googled the Scammer phone number and found it to be a
well-known problem originating in Aurora, Illinois, USA. Bob called the Aurora police department but
was informed that they had no jurisdiction and could do nothing. The website:

So, as of this morning, the Scammer is scheduled to arrive at the airport today--fat chance! If this scam
transpires like the aforementioned (in the first paragraph), Bob will soon receive a call from the Scammer
saying that he has had an accident and needs an emergency loan from Bob so that he can pay whatever
fines or other charges and then he will be able to continue on to GTO.
08-20-2015, 12:14 PM,
RE: BeWary: another phone scam
I think most of us are savvy enough to spot something like this and the others probably aren't reading the message. WebScams abound. They also present fun opportunities to scam the scammer. Best is to appear to accept the deal and use WU to send some cash... well, not really just send the WU MCTN receipt you can get [and photoshop] off Google images - something like this:
[Image: barnes-havens-adams-wu.jpg]

I once kept a jerk in Nigeria busy for a month getting embarrassed each time he tried to redeem a phony MTCN.

Lots of fun ideas can be had here at 37 ways to mess up a PayPal scam

08-21-2015, 08:34 AM,
RE: BeWary: another phone scam
Mr. Bill, That's GREAT! And congrats to Bob for his responses.

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