TelMex worldwide free. Too good to be true?
02-16-2015, 06:14 PM,
TelMex worldwide free. Too good to be true?
As of 1 January Telmex customers could use their landline to call free anywhere in the world. But maybe it is not so free afterall. The posting below indicates that you should wait to see the billing for any of the "free" calls you made. What has been your experience?

"Please wait before you get your next bill before going crazy with what you think are free calls.
Telmex appears to be pulling a fast one with these so-called unlimited international calls. They aren't free. They're just not limited in minutes like previous packages.
Calls to the states aren't much, like 72 pesos an hour if you have either Infinitum package. An hour call to Europe will be $480."
02-16-2015, 06:55 PM,
RE: TelMex worldwide free. Too good to be true?
Doyle, what is the source of that "posting"? Do you have any reason to believe it's authoritative?

Telmex's website shows unlimited worldwide calls for all but the cheapest of its Infinitum plans.

My current Telmex bill shows zero charge for calls made in December to the U.S. and for more than 20 calls in December and January to Spain. (I have the 599-peso plan but am thinking of switching to the 389.)

02-16-2015, 07:08 PM,
RE: TelMex worldwide free. Too good to be true?
I've been calling the U.S. for free the past year on Telmex. The fine print used to say you were limited to 8 hours of free calling per month. I'm not sure whether Telmex removed that restriction or not. But, Skype and other VOIP providers have "Fair Use" restrictions as well - basically to prevent internet cafes from re-selling long distance service to customers.
02-16-2015, 09:42 PM,
RE: TelMex worldwide free. Too good to be true?
This was a hot topic of discussion last month on the Expats Living in Mexico facebook page, and several people called, went in person, and/or checked Telmex's internet pages.
It is true, but there are three different packages, and each one has different benefits. I have the $389 a month plan. As of January 1st, I can call the U.S., Canada, a long list of other countries, Mexican cell phones, and other national calls in Mexico for "free" (i.e. unlimited minutes). In the past, I was charged per minute for these.
The catch is that I am limited to 100 calls a month: local, long distance national, international, worldwide, and cell phones count in that total. So if I make more than 100 calls a month, I will be charged. I checked my most recent bill last week and I wasn't charged for over 3 hours of calls I made to the U.S. in January, and I wasn't charged for any cell phones calls within Mexico either because my total calls for the month were only 48. Calling your buzon for messages counts as a call.
So check the specifics of your plan. In general, the more you pay, the more calls per month you can make. The more expensive packages ($599 and $999) supposedly have faster internet, too.
Here's the link for the $389 package.
02-16-2015, 09:53 PM,
RE: TelMex worldwide free. Too good to be true?
With Goggle Chat video calls are free anywhere in the world computer to computer & free to any telephone in the country you are calling from & but pennies to another.
However for whatever reason my calls to any telephone in the US from Mexico are free & I pay $00.01 to $00.05 a minute to a Mexican phone land or cell. This week I called 2 in Zihuatanejo a land line for which I was charged per minute .01 & a cell that was .05. per minute.
Strangely a local number here in GTO would not go through at all.
PS That's using a Samsung Chromebook.
02-18-2015, 07:01 PM,
RE: TelMex worldwide free. Too good to be true?
Consider when you think about the packages, that the internet speed is different. I was in the office with a friend who was setting up service and was told that the $399 pkg has speeds up to 3Mbps. $599 is upposed to be 5Mbps. I was having trouble and getting only 1.6 which was awful and when it fell to 1.1 I couldn't do much on the internet. At the office, the same woman gave me a bunch of BS about calling the 800#. i talked to the Jefa and she did something on line and then gave me a # for the repair. When I got home, the speed was up, just from whatever she did. I got very good service from the man who arrived later in the afternoon. He said that from Presa to us, Arquitectos in Pastita, we have problems all the time. He thinks the other type, what's it called, some kind of virtual something without cables, I guess is supposed to be coming to us. Well, until it arrives, he says he does this job every day for someone else. He was incredibly thorough and didn't treat me like an idiot. He called from somewhere on the road and asked what my speed was, a couple of times. Good job and I have his #. I suspect the upgrade will be a long time coming.

Our phone bill showed all the calls we made and what they used to cost and then all zeros on the front of the bill. Thank you Carlos Slim. I hope it lasts awhile.
12-31-2017, 12:05 AM,
RE: TelMex worldwide free. Too good to be true?
Is anyone getting better than 8M down and 0.5M up on the Telmex $389 plan? If you are, did you always have the fully advertised data rate and if not, what did you have to do to escalate to Telmex to give you the data rate they advertise?


P.S. Has anyone found an online statement where Telmex guarantees an upload speed? I can only find the download speed refereed to in their ads.
01-09-2018, 11:21 AM,
RE: TelMex worldwide free. Too good to be true?
Humm ... you'd think at least one person had checked to see if they are getting the guaranteed Internet speed they are paying for or would know what their speed is ......
01-10-2018, 09:12 AM,
RE: TelMex worldwide free. Too good to be true?
We are on the Telmex/Infinitum $599 monthly plan. Located in La Presa area where they installed fiber cables several years ago.
I test once or twice weekly and see 17-20 mbs down about 95% of the time. I never wait to test for upload speed.
We see occasional but very brief total drops, maybe of a few seconds, but overall reliability and speed is totally acceptable.
01-11-2018, 12:37 AM,
RE: TelMex worldwide free. Too good to be true?
Thank you very much. If you find a spare 2 minutes at some point, the upload speed seen on would be more than appreciated. Thanks!

Also, would you happen to know if the speed can be downgraded from a faster package back down to the 389 package at a later time without penalty?

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