Short term Internet?
10-11-2014, 05:49 PM,
Short term Internet?
hello everyone. I am the least tech savvy person alive! I have two WiFi only tablets. An I Pad and a Google Nexus. IAm only in GTO until the end of this month. Is there any way I can get or buy WiFi while here. I am staying on Blvd. Guanajuato and there are no Internet cafes unless I come into Centro. Are there any companies that sell or rent Internet access by the month? Thanks, Gloria
10-11-2014, 06:01 PM,
RE: Short term Internet?
Do you want the service in your dwelling? For email? For scouring the internet? For telephoning?

Of course your devices can connect to Wifi in hundreds of locations, like caf├ęs, in GTO.

If you need it at home and can't find a nearby internet connection to key into i may have a solution.
06-18-2015, 10:58 PM,
RE: Short term Internet?
Sorry this is a very old post, but what I used to use was a telcel chip with a pay as you go monthly data plan. The chip went inside a USB stick I got from Telcel, which I plugged into a TP-Link 703N mini-router (about 3" square) with firmware dd-wrt installed on it. The TP-link router could be run off a 5V wall adapter or battery power pack. I used to take it along riding the bus down from Texas to share among friends or family members traveling with me. We ran our tablets and laptops off the broadcast wi-fi as we rode the highways of Mexico The advantage of this setup was the low cost of the equipment, $25 for the TPlink, free firmware and the USB stick came with a chip when purchased from Telcel for about 200 pesos which included airtime.

Today and for more money and an easier setup, a mifi device can be purchased which will be easier to use but more expensive to initially purchase. A suitable GSM mi-fi device can be found for around $50 used on far up the scale to what you are willing to spend. The more expensive ones work in more countries with more bands for supporting faster speeds and new technologies. With these the SIM chip from Telcel (best cross-country coverage if traveling overland) slips into the mifi device and the pay as you go plan provides a working wi-fi to your tablets and other wi-fi equipped devices. This also allows multiple devices to share the same cell data plan (off the SIM chip inserted in the mi-fi device).

Otherwise, you can also use an Android device that provides tethering which rebroadcasts the data plan you have from your cellular provider as a shared wi-fi accessible via tablets, laptops, iPhones or Androids that don't have chips for Mexico or proper or affordable data plans, etc.. For this solution you would go with an unlocked Android device so there are no restrictions on teathering (sharing the cell data plan with all your tablets or laptops). These start at around $50 for an unlocked no-famous-brand-name (but still good and functional) device.

I realize that this need is long past, but I am certain the need is a recurring one so I hope this helps the next person who needs the answer.
07-03-2015, 07:26 PM,
Short term Internet
Great info on the TP Link 703N Mini Router. That would work well with a IUSACELL sim .

IUSACELL works best in the Guanajuato area.

I use a iUSACELL pay as you go plan with unlimited sms and calls, and the 4GB data for $699 pesos which is similar to the $50 USD T-Mobile plan from the USA.

You can insert the the iUSACELL chip in your smartphone and tether the wifi to your other devices.

Also try downloading the Wi-Finder app.

Be careful with Tel Cel they are sneaky thieves and good luck trying to get out of a contract with those clowns. GTO es tuyo...Todo bajo Control
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