Chicago Tribune article about GTO
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Chicago Tribune article about GTO
Great Little Cities
Confining canyon didn't stunt Guanajuato
: link to story here

but the last line of the story, although very positive, is puzzling :
" And, oh yes, Guanajuato gets the U.S. State Department's highest rating for tourist safety."

Does anyone know how to find this "highest rating info" posted on the State Dept's website?

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Guanajuato (Memo Vasquez/Flickr RF via Getty Photo)
08-15-2013, 08:07 AM,
RE: Chicago Tribune article about GTO
"Does anyone know how to find this "highest rating info" posted on the State Dept's website?"

I believe there is no such animal. State issues "travel alerts" (for short-term conditions) and "travel warnings" (long-term), and a travel warning has been in effect for Mexico for several years. That warning applies to the whole country. However, State also supplies a state-by-state breakdown, and under Guanajuato all it has to say is that "no advisory is in effect."

The writer took a huge liberty here, construing the absence of an advisory as a positive rating. The State Department isn't Frommer's or the Michelin Guide; it doesn't issue "highest ratings."

Having said all that, we who live here know that Guanajuato remains one of the safest places in Mexico.

08-15-2013, 08:46 AM,
RE: Chicago Tribune article about GTO
Sr Duck,
I am unable to open the link as it advises not available outside may have a hidden vpn or similar.
can you copy please
and post for us as it looks very interesting. Mil gracias amigo.
08-15-2013, 09:30 AM,
RE: Chicago Tribune article about GTO
Hi Jesm - wish I had a VPN but no just plain vanilla Telmex.

Link is working as of 9:30am today but here is the story if you can't get to it.

By Peter Ferry, Special to Tribune Newspapers

7:08 p.m. CDT, August 13, 2013

GUANAJUATO, Mexico ? There is something interesting about how cities that are contained grow. Think Manhattan on an island, San Francisco on a peninsula, and Guanajuato in a central Mexican valley so steep it's a virtual canyon.

Why build a city here? Water, for one thing. The gorge was carved by a rushing river. Silver, for another. Starting in the 17th century, Guanajuato, about 200 miles northwest of Mexico City, was a mining center that used its wealth to build ornate public buildings, a university, a grand theater, a fortress, hotels around green courtyards and stately homes. These are arranged charmingly and haphazardly on the town's winding, idiosyncratic streets that are forever revealing surprising little parks and plazas full of flowers, trees and cafes.

Though Guanajuato is a small city, with a population of 150,000, it fills the valley and hillsides above it where, from the statue of El Pipila, a revolutionary hero who was said to have strapped a flagstone to his back to withstand the hot oil poured on him by the Spaniards, one can see the town like a living map: the dammed river, now a lake; the subterranean street that follows its old bed; the municipal market in a great, vaulted 1903 building full of chatter and colors; the elegant Teatro Juarez; scattered green patches of park and plaza; the massive Alhondiga fortress, the four corners on which were displayed the impaled heads of revolutionary leaders; and the ancient convent where mummies are preserved naturally by the dry air.

See it all, but let none of it detract from the real attraction: Guanajuato itself. And, oh yes, Guanajuato gets the U.S. State Department's highest rating for tourist safety.

Copyright ? 2013 Chicago Tribune Company, LLC
08-15-2013, 09:55 AM,
RE: Chicago Tribune article about GTO
Thats great, thank you. The link takes me to the Tribune site but then advises this article is premium content not accessible outside USA??? Who knows?
08-15-2013, 10:42 AM,
RE: Chicago Tribune article about GTO
Had no problems getting into article.
08-17-2013, 11:07 PM,
RE: Chicago Tribune article about GTO
The article neglected to say that how much, if not most, of the silver wealth mined here for 5 centuries was sent back to SPAIN by the conquistadores, and what was left for use here was mainly used to build over twenty huge and ornate Catholic churches in GTO, AND very large government buildings, architecturally replete with even bathrooms that have marble walls and floors. The poor children who were often the only MEXICANS small enough to descend into the bowels of the earth through tiny holes dug far below the surface to fetch elemental silver for the Church and Conquistadores, often died from extremely intense work and dehydration at a very young age.
08-18-2013, 08:07 AM,
RE: Chicago Tribune article about GTO
@camoo: The article was short and superficial. At four brief paragraphs, it was even shorter than this thread has now become. And it was in the Travel section of the newspaper. Travel sections are seldom good places to learn history. I suspect the author was nowhere near as well versed as you are in atrocities of the previous millennium.

08-18-2013, 10:08 AM,
RE: Chicago Tribune article about GTO
Obviously short. Obviously superficial. BUT, included some history nevertheless, just not anything "politically incorrect". Just plain "sanitized", is more like it.
08-18-2013, 05:58 PM,
RE: Chicago Tribune article about GTO
Seems to conflict with the thread posted here recently by the "40 concerned citizens of Gto." about the increase in violence and criminal activity here. Never did find out what that was about. My guess is that it was a scam, trying to get money from people.

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