Generic Lipitor - and Baking Soda
02-03-2012, 12:23 PM,
Generic Lipitor - and Baking Soda
First off I don't want to mix them but just find them.

Does any know if there is a generic Lipitor in the Mexican market and if so what is it called?

And as far as Baking Soda goes I know its available here but where does Mega hide it? I went up and down every aisle today and didn't see any.
02-03-2012, 01:29 PM,
RE: Generic Lipitor - and Baking Soda
Baking soda (bicarbonato) can be found in the Mega pharmacy.

The generic form of Lipitor is called "Atorvastatina", but I don't know whether it's available here or not.

If you do decide to mix the two, please share the results.;)
02-11-2012, 11:40 AM,
RE: Generic Lipitor - and Baking Soda
Thanks fr8as.

I was able to find the baking soda labeled as baking soda in the baking aisle at H.E.B in Leon and also , armed with your info, the next day I was able to point someone else to bicarbonato de soda in the pharmacy at the Mega.

Generic Lipitor is available here. I received one PM informing me it is available at [Image: logoFarmacias.jpg] and called Atorlip. On Dr. Simi's website it is priced at 88 pesos/20tabs/10mg - and would be 74.80 on Mondays when they offer a 15% discount.

At Mega's farmacia it is under their Farmacon house brand and called Atorvastatina. Cost for a 30 tablet pack of 20mg is 350 [after INAPAM 5% discount] and its a 2x1 deal so you get 2 packs of 30. There is also [until 12 Feb] 10% cash back to your Mega Monedero Naranja so my net cost for 60 tablets was 315 or 5.25 pesos which is quite a savings over the cost of Crestor 20mg at around 600 pesos/30
02-11-2012, 07:15 PM,
RE: Generic Lipitor - and Baking Soda
Farmacias Similares sells generic Lipitor (atorvastatina) as Atorlip.

Re badmouthing of FS by some physicians:
I depend on FS for an essential medication, never have had a problem. But with any FS medication, you should check the quantity (both number and mgs) to know what you are getting for your pesos. Incidentally, the price of Lipitor is expected to drop this summer so watch for deals at Mega.
02-18-2012, 04:46 PM,
RE: Generic Lipitor - and Baking Soda
I'm not up on Lipitor because my doctor changed me to Crestor a few years ago, but I now order generic Crestor thru an on-line Canadian pharmacy and that cuts the price of "Rousvastatin Calcium" (Generic Crestor) by about 75%! The first shipment came by mail from India, the second from Germany and there have been no problems and my cholesterol levels remain good, so I am happy.

Here's a site you can use to view ratings of various online Canadian pharmacies:

I used this site to campare services and prices, but settled on

You must have a doctor's prescription and be able to fax or mail same to these folks. They also have phone assistance if you have and questions.

Also, I have had my prescriptions shipped to my home in the U.S. I don't know if they will ship to Mexico or by what means.

02-21-2012, 12:16 AM,
RE: Generic Lipitor - and Baking Soda
Generic or Pirate???

AstraZeneca won a court ruling three years after it sued generic drug makers to stop selling cheap Crestor versions in the US before the expiration of patent in 2016. [OK so its not Canada/Germany/India]

more info...

but consider....

I can easily understand trying to get one?s meds at the lowest possible price but one must also respect the intellectual/research property of, in this case, Astra Zeneca and also beware that internet generics may or may not be what they claim to be. It's a tough argument. To say we need the meds but that then we are not willing to pay full value for them ? .....

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