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Deadlifting and Swimming - Renee1 - 09-08-2016

I'm visiting Guanajuato for 3 months to attend a language school. I'm a competitive weightlifter (deadlift) and need a gym that can provide a long barbell with weights, so I can still train while away from home. It would be great to hear of any kettlebell training places/individuals too. Online, I seem to only find yoga, zumba, spin, and cardio type gyms or cannot see what's available at all. The language school is downtown. I'm not sure where I'm living yet. I'm also looking for public pool access.

Really appreciate any recommendations!

RE: Deadlifting and Swimming - Christel - 09-09-2016

Hi there. Not a weightlifter myself, so I cant advise about the things you ask for... but there is a good gym close to Paseo de la Presa. It is called in and out fit & wellness.

There is also a gym under plaza pozuelas, but I dont know it personally.

You can find an excellent international standards swimmingpool in el Macrocentro 1 in Valenciana.


RE: Deadlifting and Swimming - Lisa Andrews - 09-13-2016

There is a pool here, perfect for lap swimming:,+Valfro,+Valenciana,+Guanajuato,+Gto.,+Mexico/@21.0392326,-101.2560346,17.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x842b7477880b8e5d:0x651e98479dc4178a!8m2!3d21.0397906!4d-101.2548588

There are buses that go past but they are always full on the way down (if going at like 5/6pm you can walk down to the shops to get another bus or keep waiting or organise your taxi to pick you back up), I would get a taxi there (or drive if you have a car), it is a 25m pool, you have to pass a 'test' of swimming 100m and then they let you swim on your own after you go to the window to check in you go to an instructor and they watch you swim (well sort of he just said swim then swim again but didn't really pay attention) then you go back to the window wet and give them the piece of paper that says you passed and you can pay for casual or a pass. If you are female you have to wear a 1 piece, males can wear tiny bather bottoms without a problem, you must shower before you enter, there was always a lane or 2 free when classes were on, it wasn't normal for people to be swimming out of classes, the 'change rooms' were sort of just toilets and showers nowhere to actually put your stuff and get changed, you can leave it on the benches right next to where you swim. You can buy a 10 card pass which was a few dollars per session.

There is meant to be another pool in town but it was always under repair when I found it and tried to go (close tot he alhondiga)
There was also one close to marfil area which took us an hour to find and then was closed on mondays and didn't really have a sign so not sure if it was a pool for lap swimming or not.

RE: Deadlifting and Swimming - roberb7 - 01-11-2018

I made my first visit to the aquatic center on the way up to Valenciana today. A few more things to add to what Lisa wrote:

It's open 6 AM to 8 PM. The cost is 250 pesos for four visits.

Both men and women are required to wear bathing caps. (Wearing one of those is a first for me.)

Bringing a pair of sandals for walking to and from the change room and the shower to the pool is a good idea. (Actually, this is a good idea at any pool.)

There's a separate pool for diving and water polo, and it wasn't open. I couldn't find out when it is open; my guess is that it's only open for organized activity.

RE: Deadlifting and Swimming - Mikel1 - 01-11-2018

I work out at the gym by the presa, not enough weight for competitive lifters. I think there might be free weights at the deportivo complex, the weight area under the pool is just machines, but they might have Olympic bars and plates in the other gym where the boxing ring is...

RE: Deadlifting and Swimming - Mikel1 - 01-11-2018

Wow! Didn't know about Pozuelos gym! Underbox is the name, crossfit gym, lots of Olympic bars and plates,check them out on Facebook. Might be a dead lifters dream unless you are Eddie Hall..

RE: Deadlifting and Swimming - Mikel1 - 01-11-2018

RE: Deadlifting and Swimming - Blackpool - 01-13-2018

Don't do deadlifting, but I can chime in on the aquatic center. It is world class, and you will not be disappointed.