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Full Version: OSX VPN?
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Hi folks,
So happy to finally be here, and it looks like we've found housing for the next year, but warnings in advance: we're probably going to be asking lots of questions. Today I've been unsuccessfully trying to set up a VPN so the rest of our Amazon Prime subscription in the US isn't worthless (I mean I've successfully set up three VPNs, but with no luck on the streaming front). Are there any Apple users out there successfully watching US streaming services like Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu? The last posts I found on this subject on the 'list are about 6 months old, and I know this is a rapidly changing area. On a happier note, it looks like we found our place today in Pastitas, so a bit of care lifted from our shoulders, knowing we'll have a place to stay when our VRBO runs out in the middle of June. I hope to connect with some folks this Sunday at brunch; 'til then, it's "Hasta luego!"
I've praised BoxPN a number of times here. It works with OSX.
It's won't work for Hulu, but most of the other ones don't, either.
Thanks! Are you finding working better with a particular browser?