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Full Version: Fellow English-speaking Expats and Visitors
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Have you thought about volunteering at The English Language Library while in Guanajuato?
Whether you are here on a visit or as a resident, you could be a librarian
for 3 hours (weekly). We aim to be open Tuesdays through Thursdays from 10am to 4pm.
However, due to vacations of our ever-mobile community, there are some open time slots in need of volunteers.

Most importantly Thursdays 10am-1pm starting ASAP.
From October 19th we will also need someone to fill the Thursday 1pm-4pm time slot as well.

You could also be on-call as a substitute in case someone isn't able to make their usual volunteer commitment.

Please think it over. The English Language Library is an important service to our expat community and to Mexicans who want to advance their English. We would like to keep our doors open as much as possible! The library is located inside the Escuela Normal on the Paseo De la Presa.

If you are interested in volunteering, please reply to this posting. We would love to hear from you! --Agota Page

Check out our website:
I can't help right now but I just got my Mexican temporary resident visa. I hope to be in Guanajuato by March. My plans include teaching English on a volunteer basis. I have two certificates - one from Oxford Seminars and one from the Literacy Volunteers of America and am currently teaching one student here in New Jersey. I will be living with the owners of Maggic Home Panoramica just a 15 minute walk up the hill from the Escuela Normal.

I look forward to offering my assistance once I arrive.

We are very interested in volunteering and will be in GTO in January to discuss further. Can you tell me who we should contact once we're there? Thanks! Natalie & Jonathan
Beginning November 9th, a new volunteer will be working the Thursday 1-4 shift at the English Language Library.
I would be very interested. I will be in GTO City from Feb 1 to April 30. I will not be working, just "chilling" and enjoying all Guanajuato has to offer. PM me please. This would be great to break up the days since I won't be working those three months, until I get back to the USA>